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After 13 years in DC we’ve moved to San Francisco where we are working privately with top area students.   However, we continue to provide private SAT, PSAT, and ACT lessons (via Skype) to our DC-area clients.  Our phone number (703.237.2665) and email (sat@honorstestprep.com) remain the same.

We deliver the kind of results that elite students and their parents seek:

“I’d just like to say thanks for the prep you gave me over the summer.  It really helped especially in the writing and critical reading sections.  I took the November [2014] SAT and got a 2400!”
Nikhil Sakhamuri, Langley HS student

Thank you for the most effective SAT coaching. It is a phenomenal 310 point rise in my daughter's score to over 2300. All of that gain is in her Reading and Writing the sections you taught. I am very happy that she utilized the opportunity. Thanks again for trusting her and allocating your valuable time to coach her.”
Chandra Rathnakaram, parent of Westfield HS student

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for all that you and the Honors Test Prep course have done to achieve our son’s excellent SAT test scores. With his 2300+ score on the Nov. 2013 test, he no longer needs to worry about the SAT and can concentrate on all his other activities in his junior year. You truly care about each and every one of your students. Thank you.”
Caroline Chow, parent of TJ student

"I wanted you to know our son’s scores on the Nov. 2013 SAT as soon as we got them.  A combined score of 2370­Critical Reading 800, Math 770 and Writing 800.  We are absolutely thrilled.  Thank you so very much.  Your course was just terrific!!!”
T. McC., parent of Langley HS student

"My son did wonderfully on the Dec. 2012 SAT, and I thank you for your outstanding prep course which was an integral component of his success.   It's nice to be finished with this as a junior, so he doesn't have this weighing on him into his senior year.  Thank you again for being the best!  (in our humble opinion!)"
Denise Bunting, parent of TJ student

"Mr. Berk, I'd just like to let you know that I was accepted to Columbia University last week, so I'd like to acknowledge your part on my journey by helping out with my SAT. Also, my friend, if you remember, who also took your program, was just accepted into Yale University yesterday. Pretty crazy stuff. Thank you for all your help."
Calvin Li, Langley HS student

"Our child achieved nearly perfect scores on the March 2012 and attributes those scores to your methods and tips.  Signing up for Honors Test Prep classes turns out to be one of the best investments we have ever made.”
Allen Tso, parent of TJ student

"Thank you so much for your SAT preparation and particularly for your insights into the reading and grammar questions and essays.  You made the complicated simple, and I could not have achieved a near perfect score without your help."
Tushar Kamath, TJ student

"Thanks to Honors Test Prep for an overall 230 point increase in all sections of the SAT to a combined near perfect score.  We really think that the hard work and private lessons were worth it and have recommended your prep class to many other HB Woodlawn & Yorktown students."
Teresa Germann, parent of HW Woodlawn student

"Our daughter just received her nearly perfect SAT scores.  She's THRILLED and so are we. She told me she had your ’voice’ in her head as she was going through the questions.  Thanks so very much for all of your help and confidence in her.”
Wati Alvarez-Correa, parent of The Potomac School student

"I want to thank you for the impact Honors Test Prep had on my SAT score. I took the SAT for the second time on October 1st and raised my score 320 points to 2360. Your course is truly remarkable."
J. Lowry, Walt Whitman HS student

"Our daughter had near perfect scores on the October SAT.   We were very impressed!  We knew she had the potential, but boy did you deliver!  Fantastic results. Thank you."
Sally Semple, parent of TJ student

"I did wonderfully.  My parents and I were very pleased with the 240 point improvement. Thank you so much for your excellent instruction!"
Christine Jacobs, TJ student

The Honors Test Prep course gives aspiring college students exactly what they need to achieve high scores on the SAT.  With respect to critical reading, it targets building vocabulary, reading with precise comprehension and organizing thoughts for essay writing. On the quantitative side, it refreshes old math skills and sharpens more recently acquired tools.  The course is both practical and rigorous.  Our daughter's combined scores increased dramatically.”
Larry Stein, Parent of Langley HS Student

“Your program is effective, efficient and challenging!  The combination of small class size, personal attention to each student, detailed content and teaching students to focus on details, along with an emphasis on practice, create a motivational environment.  The program is all it promises to be - thank you for your dedication and demand for excellence.”
R. Goel, Parent of TJ Student

Peace of mind is what I call Honors Test Prep.  With an ‘A’ team of instructors, Mr. Berk has created a highly effective up-to-date course that challenges as it builds confidence.  Throughout the program, his ‘keep it real’ individual feedback and advice were invaluable. Our son quickly realized that the work involved in this course was worth the time and effort.  He received the scores he was hoping for and is done with the SAT early in his junior year!”
Diane Merrill, Parent of TJ Student

“We had originally intended to use one-on-one instruction for our son until your course was recommended by other TJ parents.  We thought the course was very rigorous and pushed him to prepare more than he had originally intended. The instruction was very insightful and the vocabulary lists turned out to be critical.  Also being in class with other high achieving kids was a big motivator.  Our son was thrilled with his SAT scores -- 800, 800 and 760 -- and also thrilled that after taking only one SAT exam early in his Junior Year he is done!”  
Doug Lobel, Parent of TJ Student

“Thank you for a wonderful course.  Your program is still a secret here in Maryland but not for long.  Our daughter was thrilled with her scores and is touting your course to her friends:  all of them had taken prep courses in Maryland and DC and fared much less well than she did.”
Amy Novick, parent of Bethesda-Chevy Chase HS student

“Thank you for your excellent program.  My son’s performance improved substantially in all three areas.  He now has the scores he needs to apply with confidence to universities with the highest standards.”
Jan Rud, parent of TJ student

“We think Honors Test Prep is an outstanding program and made a substantial difference in our son’s scores, especially in the writing section.”
Mike and Lynn, parents of St. Albans student

“My daughter got her SAT scores yesterday.  She has 800 in writing, 790 in reading and 760 in math.  I want to thank you for the wonderful course that helped her to achieve the high scores and for all your valuable advice during the whole process.”
Jenny Zhu, parent of TJ student

The big impact for my son was taking him from a score of 2050 in March 08 to 2340 in Oct 08.  It is not that his ‘intelligence’ increased almost 300 points in that time.  It was the course.  It provided the proper study materials with competent instructors and the right amount of motivation.  That is what made the difference for him!”
Mary Jean Merlin, parent of Oakton HS student

“The unique approach of the instructors is the key to the success of Honors Test Prep.  My child was motivated to go to the classes and do the assignments.  She improved by 310 points by simply doing that!  If you need a prep course for your child, this is the one!”
Jessie Tai, parent of TJ student

“My son and daughter both took the Honors Test Prep course and both scored 2380 on the test.  They reported that they were given individual feedback and error analysis in addition to applicable practice problems.  It is obvious that Mr. Berk keeps up to date with the most recent changes in the test and is invested in the students' achievement.  I was glad to find a course tailored to high achieving students.”
Gail Gardiner, parent of TJ and Centreville HS students

“Our son was helped by your program in many ways.  He got an 800 on the math section of the SAT, and 2200 total, early in his junior year.  Your personal caring allowed him to do the hard work required for test preparation.   It is no coincidence that while he was taking the course, he first began to think and talk about college and his future in a serious way.  I would recommend Honors Test Prep to bright students who want to feel good about doing their best.”
David Kupfer, Ph.D., parent of Yorktown HS student

“I was very pleased with the instructions provided by Honors Prep Test instructors. My son did not do any preparation other than attending this course and he achieved the score which were more than I thought he would.”
Subhash Goel, parent of TJ student

“We were very impressed with the high quality of your course and instructors, your knowledge of past tests, the small class size, and the written personal feedback you gave the students on their essays.  Handed out at the outset of the  course, the well-organized file folders with all the preparation materials and assignments were a nice addition.  Honors Test Prep is worthwhile for strong students who might not be challenged enough, were they stuck in courses taught to the level of the average student.”
Charles Thomas, parent of HB Woodlawn HS student

“We are very pleased with our son's scores of 800 in Math, 800 in Writing and 750 in Critical Reading. Particularly helpful to him was the English section of your course, especially the writing section. Your course was what he needed to give him the extra edge.”
Uma Ramesh, parent of TJ student

“Our daughter improved tremendously after taking the class from Honors Test Prep LLC.  We would strongly recommend this for any good student who wants excellent scores.”
Devika and Duminda Wijesekera, parents of Langley HS student

“My son made a huge leap in the verbal scores as a result of your superb preparation. The course was well worth the cost and time required.”
Leslie Stallknecht, parent of TJ student

“We can't express adequately our appreciation for your highly effective SAT prep course. Our son improved his score on the reading and writing parts of the exam by an aggregate of 220 points, achieving an 800 on each part!  His essay score, moreover, increased from an 8 to a 12.  Your instructional approaches motivated him to prepare diligently for each of your classes, a response we could not have obtained at home with self-study books.  We would highly recommend your course to high-performing students who want to do their very best.”
Michael Phillips, parent of TJ student

“We're so happy there was a course geared toward the already high achieving kids.  Our daughter’s already high PSAT scores left little room for improvement - but improve she did, thanks to your course!  She is thrilled with her near perfect scores and says the practice and tips from your course gave her the edge.”
Jim and Kate Lynch, parents of Langley HS student

“Thank you for your help.  Needless to say, our son's scores are phenomenal by any measure.  While he is very bright, we believe he was helped considerably by your course.”
Nausicaa Halkias Stoltz, parent of TJ student

"Thank you for the help your class gave my son in preparing for the SAT.  His near perfect scores are far better than he ever hoped to achieve.  Your class was instrumental in his success."
Kathleen Glover, parent of George Mason HS student

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