"We would like to thank you so much for all you did for our daughter. She came a long way. Thank you for your continued confidence in her, your dedication, and your encouragement. We will always remember you for your commitment to her success."
Judy Makanda, parent of National Cathedral School student

“We are delighted with the way your course boosted our daughter’s confidence and prepared her so well for the structure of the new SAT.  She is very pleased with her test results!”
Sherry Barndollar Rock, parent of McLean HS student

“Thank you for your patience and persistence during the teaching of the SAT prep course, especially for the personal attention you gave our son. He took your advice seriously and his 11 score on the essay is most rewarding!”
Hai Tran, parent of O’Connell HS student

“This SAT prep class undoubtedly helped our daughter meet her SAT goals, making her calm and confident going into the test.  She learned how to pace herself, what to focus on, the types of questions to expect, and what to include in the essay.   There were no surprises when she took the test and she was so pleased with her scores that she does not plan to repeat it!”
Chris and Christie P., parents of TJ student

"We were all thrilled to learn yesterday that our daughter earned a phenomenal score on her SATs.  It was more than she had hoped for and she is very, very happy.  Thank you for your efforts and your program!"
Patricia Pick, parent of Langley HS student

"Our son scored 2200.  Thank you for a very well run course.  I believe he truly benefited."
Laura Loomis, parent of Yorktown HS student

“We certainly credit your prep work in helping our daughter in significantly raising her SAT score.”
Deepak Garg, parent of TJ student

"We were very pleased that our son was able to break the 1500 barrier on his math/verbal scores!  Thanks very much for the terrific class. Even though it was tough, he said that it certainly helped, especially the essay prep. We appreciate all your hard work."
Cynthia A., parent of TJ student

"We found the Honors Test Prep course to be extremely helpful to our child. All of our children have taken test prep courses of various kinds and yours was the most helpful."
Parent of Madison HS student

“Thank you for your attention to my daughter during the recent SAT course.  I was pleased with your curriculum and personal attention.  I felt like she was being challenged to think, a valuable skill in any setting. I will take it upon myself to recommend your course to friends and colleagues as well as to use you again for my son.”
Parent of Flint Hill student

"Our oldest found the classes stimulating and your teachers very helpful.  The program definitely boosted her results, and our second daughter will take your class later this year."
Terry Johnson, parent of Yorktown HS student

"My daughter was very pleased with her results and very clearly benefited from your course."
Alvah Davis, parent of Langley HS student

“Our daughter got a 2390 on the exam. She really benefited from the course.  Thanks for all your help.” 
Parent of TJ student

"My son scored an 800 on the reading and a 780 on the writing.   Both he and we are very pleased with his scores.  I believe your writing course provided a big boost to both his reading and writing preparation in general."
Ricky Weiss, parent of TJ student

Mr. Berk, I wanted to thank you for all of the hard work you and Mr. Huang put into our classes because it obviously helped me to jump over the 1500 barrier.”
Andrew M., TJ student

“Our son received a 1520 and credits your course for his high scores.  Thanks so much.”
Sara O., parent of George Mason HS student

“My child’s math score jumped from 690 to 800!  Well done!  Thank Mrs. Orth for me.  She was great.”
Parent of Flint Hill School student

“She is quite happy with her test results and particularly credits your course for her achievement. I strongly believe that you are providing a very needed personalized service.”
Rainer R., parent of a Langley HS student

“I consider the money for your prep course well spent.”
D.A. Ridgely, parent of Yorktown HS student

“My son is not easily pleased, but he enjoyed the Honors Test Prep course and found it extremely helpful.  He reports that Mr. Berk is personable, enjoyed good rapport with the students, and is an excellent instructor.  He notes that in addition to working problems the course involved extensive analysis of the students’ errors.  According to him, Mr. Berk makes sure you understand why you made an error so you won’t repeat it.”
Ed M., parent of a TJ student

"We are VERY happy with our son's scores.  Given the level of schools he is applying to these are fabulous.  Thank you SO MUCH for your help and support."
R.K., parent of Georgetown Day student

"Your program helped our son in several ways. Not only were the problem solving and practice test sessions effective but also, and equally important, the instructors' approach elevated his confidence level.  One big difference I noticed on the test day in June after completing the course was his positive attitude toward the actual test-taking.  Even though performing well on standardized tests had never concerned him before, he wanted to make certain that his SAT scores would be in line with the rest of his transcript. Your course helped him realize that he could do just that."
M. M., parent of TJ student

"Thank you for giving my son a relatively painless and effective preparation for the June 5 SAT's. Your approach and the small class size seems to be the right combination for these able students."
Ann K, parent of HB Woodlawn student

"I got a 1510 (780 math, 730 verbal), up from a 1380 (710 math, 670 verbal). Thank you for this thorough course, I am especially pleased about my verbal score."
TJ student

"Our son took the Math IIC in November and scores were posted on line this morning.  He scored an 800! (up 130 points since last May). WOW!!! We continue to be so impressed with our son and so thankful for having discovered HONORS TEST PREP!  It was obviously just the right thing for our son.  I think the other course (which shall remain nameless) spent way too much time talking down to the lowest common denominator.  Thank you so much for bringing out the best in our son."
Parent of DC-area prep school student

"Thanks for your sincere interest in your students!  Our son’s scores will definitely get him into the schools he’s considering.  Your course was VERY helpful."
Robert S., parent of Langley HS student

"My daughter scored at the top of her class on the March new SAT.  Thanks so much for everything you did for her."
Kim Neal, parent of Flint Hill student

"We are happy and relieved that he improved his scores so much. We are very appreciative of your help and would be delighted to serve as a reference for your classes.”
Kathy, parent of TJ student

"I was pleased with the class size, the instructors, and the appropriate-level course content.  The course was a parent worry-free way to help my daughter achieve the results she wanted. Our family is very happy with the outcome.”
Parent of TJ student


Is Honors Test Prep’s Program Right for Your Child?

A strong candidate takes several AP courses, maintains a GPA (weighted) above 3.9 and has scored in the 93rd percentile or higher on his or her standardized exams.  In addition, he or she aspires to the highest test scores and is ready to work hard during lessons and conscientiously complete all homework assignments. If your child meets most but not all of the criteria above, please call (703.237.2665) or e-mail Steve Berk (steve@honorstestprep.com) to discuss whether our program is a good fit.



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